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Details 3.4 US5786869 Automatic channel searching method for a television receiver 3
Abstract An automatic channel searching method for a picture-in-picture type television receiver which automatically searches other channel broadcasting signals and displays the searched channel broadcasting signal on a sub-channel region of a display screen when
Details 3.4 US5835692 System and method for providing mapping notation in interactive video displays 3
Abstract A video imaging system and method that allow a user to manipulate an image displayed on a video display are disclosed. The video display includes a mechanism that controls a portion of a virtual display area to be shown on the display. The video imaging s
Details 3.4 US6069669 Video window control apparatus and method thereof 3
Abstract An improved video window control apparatus and a method thereof which are capable of generating a plurality of video windows on a television or a computer monitor, controlling the size and position thereof, and providing a video window overlap function an
Details 3.4 US5952690 Thin film transistor and fabrication method of the same 3
Abstract A thin film transistor is provided on a insulative substrate and includes a polysilicon body film having a ridge portion formed on a predetermined portion of the substrate. A first gate insulation film, a main gate and a cap oxide film are successively fo
Details 3.4 US6324695 Method and apparatus for selecting an image mode for television receivers 3
Abstract An image mode selecting method and apparatus for a television receiver which can display n images corresponding to n image modes on a screen utilizing a picture-in-picture (PIP) display function, so that a user can easily select an optimum image among the
Details 3.4 US6326985 Display apparatus and method for controlling the same 3
Abstract The present invention provides an excellent display apparatus effectively using the display area of the object/window in the inactive state existing on the display screen and a method for controlling the display apparatus. At least one object/window is di
Details 3.4 US6836269 Precharge circuit and image display device using the same 3
Abstract A precharge control circuit constituted by (1) a latch circuit mounted in a precharge circuit and (2) a level shifter circuit of a current drive type controlled through an output of the latch circuit is included. The precharge control circuit changes the
Details 3.4 US6822694 Signal processing apparatus 3
Abstract According to the signal processing apparatus of the present invention, in a text signal processing circuit, predetermined signal processes are executed to a luminance signal Y and color difference signals U and V in which a ratio of sampling clocks is equ
Details 3.4 US6822695 Surrounding light judging method and video compensation control apparatus using the same 3
Abstract A surrounding light judging method and a video compensation control apparatus which are capable of securing an optimum quality of picture by detecting a color signal near a video displaying instrument, judging a lighting environment from the detected colo
Details 3.4 US6876693 Method for processing signal in communications system having plurality antennas 3
Abstract The present invention relates to an adaptive algorithm and device for the same, for calculating a weight vector to be applied to an adaptive array antenna system, suggesting an adaptive algorithm suitable for calculating an autocovariance matrix of signal
Details 3.4 US6894669 Display control device of liquid crystal panel and liquid crystal display device 3
Abstract An operational unit determines, for subfield(s) other than a last subfield of a plurality of subfields constituting a single frame period, based on a difference determined by a data comparison unit, exceeded display data for setting the transmittance of e
Details 3.4 US6929369 Autostereoscopic display 3
Abstract An autostereoscopic display comprises an SLM which is controlled to provide an image display and a signal display. A parallax optic has a first portion which cooperates with the image display to form a plurality of viewing windows. A second portion of the
Details 3.4 US6816975 Status display for temperature regulation of processing unit using LEDs of different color 3
Abstract An electronic device has a temperature sensor that detects temperature of a CPU, an image processing unit, and a microprocessor unit that controls the supply of electric power from a power source unit to the CPU and the image processing unit according to
Details 3.4 US6686699 Active matrix type display apparatus, active matrix type organic electroluminescence display apparatus, and driving methods thereof 3
Abstract In an active matrix type organic EL display apparatus, a current bias circuit for feeding a data line with a current in a direction of canceling a writing current is provided for each data line. The current bias circuit includes: a converting unit supplie
Details 3.4 US6686978 Method of forming an LCD with predominantly <100> polycrystalline silicon regions 3
Abstract A method is provided to produce liquid crystal displays (LCDs) on polycrystalline films having a single predominant crystal orientation. A layer of amorphous silicon is deposited over a substrate to a thickness suitable for producing a desired crystal ori
Details 3.4 US6686979 Display panel 3
Abstract A liquid crystal panel and a light guide plate are held by a holding member which covers at least a portion of a surface of the light guide plate remote from the liquid crystal panel. A circuit attachment plate supporting a liquid crystal driver circuit b
Details 3.4 US6686987 Liquid crystal display device 3
Abstract A liquid crystal display device has a liquid crystal panel and a plurality of TCPs each mounted with a liquid crystal driver IC. Around the liquid crystal driver IC, the TCP has signal input lines for inputting signals to the liquid crystal driver IC, fir
Details 3.4 US6940569 Information processing apparatus 3
Abstract An information processing apparatus includes a display unit having a first reflective plate and a second reflective plate forming a reflective-plate unit, and a third reflective plate. The first reflective plate is bonded to an external frame, and the sec
Details 3.4 US6943369 Substrate for integrating and forming a thin film semiconductor device thereon 3
Abstract Substrates suitable to manufacture and products of a thin film semiconductor device are provided, by at first preparing a manufacturing substrate having a characteristic capable of enduring a process for forming a thin film transistor and a product substr
Details 3.4 US6956900 Apparatus and method for partitioning moving picture data 3
Abstract An apparatus for partitioning moving picture data comprises a first quantizing unit for first-quantizing a received video signal and outputting a first-quantized signal; and a second quantizing unit for second-quantizing the first-quantized signal and par
Details 3.4 US6806169 Semiconductor device manufacturing method 3
Abstract In a manufacturing method of a thin-film transistor having a polycrystalline Si film as its active region, an amorphous-phase Si film is first formed, and pulse laser beams are irradiated to crystallize the Si film and thereby form a polycrystalline Si fi
Details 3.4 US6965696 Image processing device for image region discrimination 3
Abstract An image processing device of the present invention is provided with four kinds of sub masks in total including two kinds in a main scanning direction and two kinds in a sub scanning direction, in a main mask constituted by a plurality of pixels including
Details 3.4 US6967690 VSB reception system with enhanced signal detection for processing supplemental data 3
Abstract A VSB reception system includes a sequence generator for decoding a symbol corresponding to the supplemental data and generating a predefined sequence included in the supplemental data at VSB transmission system. The reception system also includes a modif
Details 3.4 US6970569 Audio processing apparatus and audio reproducing method 3
Abstract An audio processing apparatus that includes a first filter for converting n-channel (n≧1, positive integer) audio signals input from at least one signal source into two-channel signals, a pair of second filters to which two-channel output signals from t
Details 3.4 US6977694 Frame and image display device 3
Abstract An upper frame comprises a base part, end parts and side walls. The base part has a picture-frame shape continuous in the circumferential direction. The base part has four inner limbs, and the end parts extend from the inner limbs. In a state in which the