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Details 3.8 US5438369 Digital data interleaving system with improved error correctability for vertically correlated interference Life S. Good 1
Abstract A digital data transmission system for signals in the areas of interference having a high degree of vertical correlation comprises a transmission frame including a plurality of vertically arranged repetitive horizontal data segments each including a fixed
Details 3.8 US6683669 Apparatus and method for fabricating substrate of a liquid crystal display device and interconnects therein Tim Sharp 1
Abstract Connection wires connecting signal wires and element-side terminals on a substrate are formed with a plurality of first parts and second parts as connection parts having predetermined widths. Further, by adjusting thicknesses of the plurality of connectio
Details 3.6 US6314569 System for video, audio, and graphic presentation in tandem with video/audio play 2
Abstract A method for displaying an enhanced multimedia presentation including personalized supplementary audio, video, and graphic content selectable by a user and rendered by a receiving device, comprises the steps of: communicating a multimedia presentation fil
Details 3.6 US6486925 Channel managing apparatus and method for digital/analog TV Life S. Good 2
Abstract In a channel managing apparatus and method for a digital/analog TV, if a user selects a desired channel, a type of broadcasting corresponding to the channel selected by the user is automatically switched to tune the channel. The channel managing apparatus
Details 3.6 US6653769 Spacers used for picture display devices and a method of producing the same Life S. Good 2
Abstract Spacers used in a picture display device are formed of a sintered product having a structure in which at least one kind of metal selected from the group consisting of Si, Zn, Al, Sn, Cu and Mg is dispersed in a glass. In the picture display device using s
Details 3.6 US6507369 Caption data processing apparatus for digital TV Life S. Good 2
Abstract The present invention relates to a caption data processing apparatus for a digital TV for processing caption data contained in a broadcast signal. In particular, the apparatus is capable of preventing an error occurred when the additional byte of a comman
Details 3.6 US6704069 TFT-LCD having particular gate insulator structure Tim Sharp 2
Abstract A thin-film transistor of a liquid crystal display device includes an ohmic electrode such that the ohmic electrode is formed of a first conductor film of a refractory metal element defined by a first lateral edge and a second conductor film containing Al
Details 3.6 US6693693 Liquid crystal display 2
Abstract An OCB mode liquid crystal display in which liquid crystal molecules are bend-aligned, wherein a uniaxial phase plate having a positive optical anisotropy is so disposed that the major axis is not perpendicular to the direction of orthogonal projection of
Details 3.6 US6728469 Video signal reproduction apparatus and method Foryour Owny 2
Abstract The present invention enables to obtain a video representation with a smooth motion during a fast reproduction of a video signal which has been prediction coded in the time axis direction. A video signal reproduction apparatus 100 includes a controller 11
Details 3.6 US6756959 Display driving apparatus and display apparatus module Tim Sharp 2
Abstract A display driving apparatus in accordance with the present invention outputs a plurality of types of driving voltages that vary depending on display data to display device from a plurality of output terminals for liquid crystal driving voltages via voltag
Details 3.4 US6756975 Matrix type display apparatus, method of production thereof, and thermo-compression bonding head 3
Abstract The display apparatus has a common substrate and a TFT substrate, and a flexible printed board is attached to the TFT substrate. ICs are arranged in an area of the TFT substrate in a row along an alignment direction, and connection terminals are arranged
Details 3.4 US6737669 Semiconductor light-emitting device 3
Abstract A semiconductor light-emitting device has a lower clad layer, an active layer, a p-type GaP layer and an upper clad layer, which are successively formed on an n-type GaAs substrate. The p-type GaP layer has a higher energy position by 0.10 eV than the upp
Abstract A method of fabricating a single crystal thin film includes: forming a non-single crystal thin film on an insulating base; subjecting the non-single crystal thin film to a first heat-treatment, thereby forming a polycrystalline thin film in which polycrys
Details 3.4 US6796669 Illuminating device, display device having the same, and light guide plate 3
Abstract The illuminating device includes a light source and a light guide plate. The light guide plate has a first side surface receiving light emitted from the light source, a second side surface facing the first side surface, a third side surface, a fourth side
Details 3.4 US6806932 Semiconductor device 3
Abstract A semiconductor device has a plurality of gate bus wirings and source bus wirings on one of paired substrates. Moreover, an inter-layer insulating film made of an organic material is provided on thin film transistors of respective picture elements, and a
Details 3.4 US6806936 Display module including a display panel connected to a flexible wire board with an insulating protective layer extended inside the display panel 3
Abstract A display module, in which panel electrode terminals of a display panel are bonded to pattern terminals of a Cu foil pattern of a flexible wire board by using an anisotropic conductive adhesive, has a solder resist for protecting the Cu foil pattern on a
Details 3.4 US6806940 Liquid crystal display device with particular cell gap 3
Abstract A liquid crystal display device includes a pair of insulating substrates bonded to each other via a sealing material, and liquid crystal filled between a pair of the insulating substrates. A cell gap is formed so as to gradually increase from the center t
Details 3.4 US5296932 Non-program signal acquisition system for a television signal receiver 3
Abstract A television signal receiving apparatus with a channel tuner, such as a television, VCR, or cable box has circuitry for extracting nonprogram type information such as may be carried in the vertical blanking interval of a broadcast signal. In order to ensu
Details 3.4 US5410569 Data slicing system for HDTV receiver 3
Abstract A receiver for receiving transmitted digital signals including either two level or four level symbols that are interleaved in a predetermined pattern in a frame format consisting of a plurality of successive data segments. The symbols are converted into t
Details 3.4 US5619269 Frame sync signal for digital transmission system 3
Abstract An ATV signal includes a field sync reference having a relatively long pseudo-random number symbol sequence followed by three relatively short pseudo-random number symbol sequences, with the middle of the three short pseudo-random number symbol sequences
Details 3.4 US5636912 Liquid crystal projector 3
Abstract A liquid crystal projector for projecting an image on a screen includes a liquid crystal display (LCD) for displaying an image, a light source positioned behind the LCD for supplying light to project the image displayed on the LCD, a projection lens posit
Details 3.4 US5703697 Method of lossy decoding of bitstream data 3
Abstract Disclosed herein is a method of lossy decoding of bitstream data. The method comprises the steps of decoding the bitstream data having a plurality of symbols to provide an image stream having a plurality of image blocks, marking an image block with a firs
Details 3.4 US5766988 Fabricating method for a thin film transistor with a negatively sloped gate 3
Abstract A thin film transistor and a fabricating method for a thin film transistor is disclosed which may be suitable for memory cells of a static random access memory (SRAM) or other devices. A thin film transistor according to this invention may include an insu
Details 3.4 US5767695 Fast transmission line implemented with receiver, driver, terminator and IC arrangements 3
Abstract A signal transmitting circuit includes one or more circuit blocks having a driving circuit and an intra-block transmission line for transmitting a signal produced by the driving circuit, one or more circuit blocks having a receiving circuit and an intra-b
Details 3.4 US5777697 Linearity compensation circuit for wide-screen television receiver 3
Abstract A linearity compensation circuit for a wide-screen television receiver which can uniformly compensate for a picture linearity that may be distorted due to variation of deflection current when a display mode is changed from a 4×3 aspect ratio (AR) to 16×