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Patent IDPBI StatusTierAssigneeTitle
US5438369 Pending Digital data interleaving system with improved error correctability for vertically correlated interference
US6683669 Pending Apparatus and method for fabricating substrate of a liquid crystal display device and interconnects therein
US6314569 Pending System for video, audio, and graphic presentation in tandem with video/audio play
US6756959 Pending Display driving apparatus and display apparatus module
US6704069 Pending TFT-LCD having particular gate insulator structure
US6507369 Pending Caption data processing apparatus for digital TV
US6486925 Pending Channel managing apparatus and method for digital/analog TV
US6653769 Pending Spacers used for picture display devices and a method of producing the same
US6728469 Pending Video signal reproduction apparatus and method
US6693693 Pending Liquid crystal display
US7787697 Pending Identification of an object in media and of related media objects
US6686987 Pending Liquid crystal display device
US7306980 Pending Method for fabricating thin film transistor
US7663699 Pending Television unit
US7646369 Pending Method of driving liquid crystal display device, liquid crystal display device,and electronic apparatus
US7636928 Pending Image processing device and method for presenting program summaries during CM broadcasts
US7663569 Pending Image display apparatus, image display system, and image display method
US7956974 Pending Liquid crystal device and electronic apparatus
US8030696 Pending Thin film transistor substrate, defect repairing method therefor, and display device
USRE36999 Pending Video signal coding method
US7956938 Pending Retardation compensation plate, retardation compensator, liquid crystal display device, and projection-type image display device
US7701469 Pending Extension of display lifetime
US7308698 Pending Television display device and method of operating a television system
US7508369 Pending Driving technique for activating liquid crystal device
US7786969 Pending Liquid crystal display device and driving method of the same
US7777698 Pending Drive method of EL display panel
US7933069 Pending Display device, display controlling method, and program
US7888690 Pending Image display unit with light emitting devices having a resin surrounding the light emitting devices
US7868969 Pending Area light source apparatus and liquid crystal display apparatus assembly
US7876915 Pending Audio apparatus having tuner unit and digital reproducing unit
US7804469 Pending Display apparatus and driving method for display apparatus
US7788697 Pending Digital broadcast receiver apparatus, digital broadcast receiving method and program
US7747696 Pending Content-related information providing apparatus, content related information providing method, electronic bulletin board system, and computer program
US7511695 Pending Display unit and backlight unit
US7706698 Pending Remote control system and receiver
US7480693 Pending Data providing system, data providing apparatus and method, data acquisition system and method, and program storage medium
US7428569 Pending Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and provision medium
US7425969 Pending Information processing apparatus, information processing method and program storage medium
US7696989 Pending Flat display apparatus and integrated circuit
US7619695 Pending Liquid crystal display and manufacturing method therefor
US7619696 Pending Liquid crystal display panel
US7421697 Pending Information processing apparatus having simplified user switching function and program used therefor
US7446941 Pending Display apparatus
US7791694 Pending Transflective liquid crystal displays with sequentially flashing light sources
US7796690 Pending Video-information encoding method and video-information decoding method
US7746930 Pending Motion prediction compensating device and its method
US7646929 Pending Signal-transmitting system, data-transmitting apparatus and data-receiving apparatus
US7995169 Pending Liquid crystal display device and electronic apparatus
US7145569 Pending Data processing method
US6943369 Pending Substrate for integrating and forming a thin film semiconductor device thereon
US6970569 Pending Audio processing apparatus and audio reproducing method
US7059696 Pending Remaining-liquid-amount display apparatus and remaining liquid-amount display method
US7978169 Pending Signal processing circuit, low-voltage signal generator and image display incorporating the same
US7759692 Pending Semiconductor light emitting device
US7759694 Pending Nitride semiconductor light-emitting device
US8026919 Pending Display controller, graphics processor, rendering processing apparatus, and rendering control method
US7646923 Pending Method and apparatus for compressing a stream of video data
US6816975 Pending Status display for temperature regulation of processing unit using LEDs of different color
US6806169 Pending Semiconductor device manufacturing method
US6822694 Pending Signal processing apparatus
US6940569 Pending Information processing apparatus
US6686979 Pending Display panel
US6686699 Pending Active matrix type display apparatus, active matrix type organic electroluminescence display apparatus, and driving methods thereof
US7176908 Pending Picture display device and picture display method
US7176913 Pending Drive circuit for flat display apparatus and flat display apparatus
US7179693 Pending Method for manufacturing thin film device that includes a chemical etchant process
US7126269 Pending Organic electroluminescence device
US7304696 Pending Image display
US7880693 Pending Display
US7880695 Pending Display apparatus, method of driving a display, and electronic device
US7518697 Pending Liquid crystal display device including a plurality of columnar spacing structures and substrate to be used with such a liquid crystal display device
US7537369 Pending Surface radiation conversion element, liquid crystal display device, and method of producing a surface radiation conversion element
US7414694 Pending Liquid crystal display device
US7679698 Pending Liquid crystal display device
US7456992 Pending Image processing device
US7476936 Pending Substrate, liquid crystal display having the substrate, and method for producing substrate
US7878698 Pending Backlight unit and liquid crystal display device
US7906901 Pending Organic electroluminescent device and organic electroluminescent display device
US7746904 Pending Audio/video processing unit and control method thereof
US7795690 Pending Thin film transistor substrate and method of fabricating the same
US7786959 Pending Display apparatus
US7786965 Pending Liquid crystal display device
US7786968 Pending Pulse output circuit, driving circuit for display device and display device using the pulse output circuit, and pulse output method
US8026927 Pending Reduction of mura effects
US8026934 Pending Driving control apparatus of display apparatus, display method, display apparatus, display monitor, and television receiver
US8026979 Pending Methods and systems for picture resampling
US8026992 Pending Display device
US7602369 Pending Liquid crystal display with colored backlight
US7956969 Pending Liquid crystal display device
US7956971 Pending Liquid crystal display and electronic device having same
US7956940 Pending Display system
US6686978 Pending Method of forming an LCD with predominantly <100> polycrystalline silicon regions
US8026997 Pending Area active backlight with steerable light source
US5786869 Pending Automatic channel searching method for a television receiver
US6822695 Pending Surrounding light judging method and video compensation control apparatus using the same
US5767695 Pending Fast transmission line implemented with receiver, driver, terminator and IC arrangements
US5619269 Pending Frame sync signal for digital transmission system
US6956900 Pending Apparatus and method for partitioning moving picture data
US7403692 Pending Apparatus and method for managing data
US7057669 Pending Language displaying apparatus for digital TV and method for the same
US7173669 Pending Digital television system and method for supporting a film mode
US5835692 Pending System and method for providing mapping notation in interactive video displays
US6326985 Pending Display apparatus and method for controlling the same
US7486369 Pending Liquid crystal display and method for manufacturing liquid crystal display
US7786961 Pending Liquid crystal display device and method for driving the same
US7667698 Pending Image display system for displaying an adjustable widened virtual image